Louis and Joseph Vogel created the network Vogel Global Competition Network in 2011. All five continents are represented with one firm per country (except in cases where the size of the country, the local institutional organization or the specialization of the firm justifies the selection of more than one firm).

Whether specialized boutique firms or antitrust departments within large full-service firms, our correspondents are all specialized in competition/regulation, distribution law and consumer affairs.

Every member of the Vogel Global Competition Network is a national lawyer/firm of the country in question recognized for his/her competence and expertise -practitioners working in legal areas are closely related to public policy considerations as they are to competition law. The Vogel Global Competition Network is able to ensure that clients involved in transnational operations are assisted by local specialists with a high level of expertise in the field and who are completely at ease with local practices.

The members of our network all share the same goal: to provide the best possible service to clients with a combination of impressive legal skills and the ability to adapt to the socio-cultural context of the country concerned.

Driven by the desire to provide an all-round excellent service, the network shares common values in terms of high-level specialization, giving the best quality-price ratio, being close to clients and sharing knowledge and skills.

The Vogel Global Competition Network is listed in “Chambers & Partners” in Band 1.

Louis Vogel
President of Vogel Global

• Professor of Private Law (1989)
• Doctor of Law (1985)
• LL.M. Yale Law School (1982)
• Attorney-at-Law, Paris (1981),
New York (1990), Brussels (1992)
and Frankfurt Bar (1993)
• Founding Partner Vogel & Vogel